How to get verified on Coinbase?


Coinbase exchange allows trading cryptocurrencies to the users who have a verified profile. This verification helps Coinbase to prevent fraud. This is a mandatory process and you need to get verified if you want to start buying and selling cryptos. Users of Coinbase are asked to verify their identity on regular basis. One who has the Coinbase username and password details can quickly get verified by filling up the verification form. So, if you are also looking to get verified on Coinbase then this read is going to give a quick idea to complete the verification process for your Coinbase login account. So, with no further delay, let’s move forward to discuss the method to verify the identity on the Coinbase exchange.  

Way to get verified on Coinbase

If you are not signed in to your Coinbase account then you need to access your Coinbase login account to start the verification process. You can complete the verification process by visiting the page or using the Coinbase mobile app. The steps that will help you to get verified on Coinbase are given below:

1.      Sign in to your Coinbase account by providing the username and password details

2.      Now, you need to find and click on the ‘Get Verified Now’ option

3.      After a moment it will take you to the identity page where you need to provide your personal information

4.      After providing the basic details, you have to upload your Identity documents

5.      So, provide a clear photo of documents such as your driving license or passport

6.      Then, find and click on the 'Upload Identity Documents' option

7.      After uploading the documents, get and click the ‘Submit’ button

8.      Now, Coinbase will let you know when it will verify your identity


To sum up, getting a verified on Coinbase exchange is not a difficult job. Only you need to provide the details and the documents that are asked in the verification process. For the help of the people, we have mentioned simple steps that will help them to get verified on Coinbase quickly. Hopefully, you have verified your Coinbase login account with the help of this post.